Monday, July 20, 2009

you're money, kid

In the eighteenth week, the kitten is now longer than a dollar bill.  It's amazing to me that things happen so quickly!  I have a montly appointment on Thursday when we'll get the go-ahead for our BIG ULTRASOUND!  Pretty exciting stuff, relatively speaking.  We had a fun-filled weekend with naps, movies, a local street festival, and the highly anticipated Hot Dog Garden Picnic.  The hot dogs were spectacular, in case you're keeping score.

In other news, I still have not received my Biology textbook, nor have I received the plethora of packages of clothing I ordered last week.  Shippers -- are you not aware of the importance of receiving packages in my life?  I'm suddenly a five-year old who really needs to get the mail in case that all-important card from Grandma comes today.  If I weren't so excited to start studying (and wearing new clothes?) I might be embarrassed.

p.s.  I saw a few pictures of myself from not-so-flattering angles yesterday and wonder, do all women feel unbelievably fat at this point?  I realize that I've actually lost weight since getting pregnant, and that the additional roundness is from the kitten growing, but WOW do I feel self-conscious.  I am ready for this phase to be over, thanks.


  1. I'm with ya, sister. At least the roundness is temporary, and for a good reason, right?

  2. Absolutely! It's a small price to pay for our own little kitten. :)


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