Monday, July 13, 2009

Blame the onion-sized baby

Shifting gears from the baby updates for a moment to bring you this breaking news:

I'm going back to school.

I have no idea where this came from, since the classes I have left for my degree are pretty much the standard liberal arts requirements of marketing and statistics and economics, OH MY, that I put off until now.  But it reminds me of a quote that my mom would repeat whenever I would tell her how much time I had left before graduating: The time will pass whether I'm in school or not.

At first, I was all excited to get a photography degree.  That is, until I realized that a) work will not pay for it, b) I'd start over as a freshman, and c) I'd have to take DRAWING.  So, after reviewing my transcripts and all that goodness, I will be a student again majoring in Management Information Systems.  By my estimation, I have about twenty classes, or roughly two years left.  I will graduate about when the kitten does.  But, I will not be bored in the meantime!

In kitten news, he or she is now the size of an onion, and can now blink her eyes.  Over the weekend, I felt a lot of movement all in one day.  I loved it.


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  2. Those first movements are so cool! Let us know when s/he starts punching the bladder.

    School is cool!


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