Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly update

There is very little going on that isn't pregnancy-related for me these days.  Crazy dreams have become the norm, and it's a good day when they don't completely freak me out before I get out of bed.  (Case in point: thin four-foot-long snakes that I was pulling out from underneath my fingernails.  I couldn't make this stuff up...)  I've also learned that leaning over isn't quite what it used to be...  It's like I have a pillow in my lap that's painlessly keeping me from reaching things.  I've lost some weight since my pregnancy started, so even though I feel like a house, apparently I'm not officially house-sized yet; we'll see if that trend continues -- yesterday, the kitten desperately wanted some potato chips, so I'm not holding my breath.

Here is where I'll rant about maternity clothes.  First of all, I understand that people are excited to show off their bumps, but if my bump is very barely-there, why accentuate it?  I bought a few tops and have been wearing them more often, and WOW do they make me look huge.  I'm sure they'll look darling when I'm beach-ball-esque, but I'm not used to them yet.  Also, why is it that pants are either too small or too big?  My old jeans are just snug enough to be truly uncomfortable, and my maternity jeans fall down just enough to show that lovely skin-colored belly band when I walk.  (Skin-colored?  Really?  Couldn't make it, I don't know...  NAVY?)  In the grand scheme, these are petty concerns, but I enjoy ranting almost as much as I enjoy wearing pants that don't descend to my knees.

Three weeks until our next OB appointment, which means 3-4 weeks until our anatomy scan.  YEY!!!


  1. Clothing yourself during pregnancy is a drag. I refrained from buying bigger regular clothes during the second trimester b/c I thought I'd wear them only briefly. I realized after J was born that they'd have been very useful in the "fourth" trimester, and the fifth,and sixth, etc. Nancy had some great pants that had waistbands that adjusted inside with buttons and elastic (like the kind they have on little kids pants now).

    Glad all is going well! Aren't the dreams amazing?


  2. Hi - Kate showed me your blog. Congratulations! On maternity pants, before you need the adjustable waistband, pants with really low waists are great. There are maternity pants that are made to ride below the bump.


  3. Have you purchased a belly band? It is great and my staple right now which allows me to still wear my "old" pants, but gives extra room for the babe. I got mine at Target and I will be able to wear my pre-preggo pants for many, many more weeks before the maternity pants are necessary.


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