Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the good, the great and the horribly embarrassing

The good:
  • I get to eat every two hours or so, and have still lost two pounds since the beginning
  • Our nights have fallen into an easy pattern of making dinner, cleaning up and then crap TV lounging
  • Every week, I have a new tidbit of information to focus on and a bigger bump to run into things with
  • I get to drink cranberry juice when we go out
The great:
  • The movements are almost daily now
  • I've decided that the kitten is a girl
  • I sleep like an absolute rock, even after multiple bathroom breaks
  • In lieu of bars, we go to the movies most weekends (hello, theater popcorn!)
The horribly embarrassing:
  • I drop food into the neck of my shirt almost daily now
  • I am single-handedly turning the condo into a gas chamber
  • I unwittingly burped aloud at my desk the other day
Obviously, I have no insider information about the sex of the kitten, but I have a hunch that she'll be a she.  And admittedly, most of the things I've chosen to look forward to involve food and fruity beverages, but I figure there are worse things.  As for the rest, perhaps some of the embarrassing pieces would ease up if I stopped eating every two hours, but then what would I write about?  Sheesh.


  1. In my house, belching and farting are treated like badges of honor. Every single time. It does not get old for my partner or my daughter. Seriously, you'd think they were BOTH five.

    I used to be left out, but now the pregnancy has earned me a spot in the competition. It's still a little odd to me when they burst into congratulatory laughter, but funny too.

    All those good things... keep 'em coming! And good luck on your spidey sense... that would be fun to "just know" you're having a daughter.

  2. Oooh, I can't wait until you find out what sex kitten is! So exciting!

    (giggling at the gas chamber reference, you are too funny)

  3. ohh, i hope you're right and you can join the baby-girl team! :) cant wait to hear!

  4. HAHA and I hope it's a girl too!

  5. I now burp at my desk all of the time now, so much so that my co-workers now just ignore it!


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