Thursday, July 23, 2009

another thursday update

I had another routine appointment this morning - the kitten is doing very well, and moved around a lot while the doctor checked her heartbeat. Today's BPM was 150, right on target. The doctor says that everything looks great, which is always nice to hear. Next is the anatomy scan on August 7th. I wonder if we'll have to switch up our pronouns; we've been calling the kitten 'her' for months. I also learned that the swoosh of the doppler is my favorite sound on the planet, and that I am incapable of listening to it without crying. And... hyperbole is the best thing ever.

On the homefront, the kitchen remodel is complete, and we are only waiting for the new barstools to arrive. As soon as that happens, I will post pictures so you can ooh and ahh, and so we can pretend that anyone likes it as much as we do.

I originally omitted the story about the 24-hour urine collection fun, but what kind of blogger would I be then? (I can hear Carrie saying 'a blogger I don't mind reading...') For a little background, they like to test kidney function when blood pressure could be an issue, and I used to have elevated blood pressure. So I worked from home, and didn't leave the house once.  There wasn't much to it, except for the fact that Karen's brother was working at the condo yesterday and probably wondered what the hell that strange thing behind the toilet was. And, I was a little anxious about waking up in the middle of the night and forgetting (*gasp) that I was not allowed to go to the bathroom like a normal person. Everything went smoothly, and I did not sleepwalk into the bathroom once. I did, however, have a bizarre dream about the urine delivery, and how I had to drive with it in a take-out soup container. Gotta love pregnant dreams.

Next week: the last week of work before Vacation Week / Anatomy Scan Week / The Best Week EVER.


  1. I'm glad you had such a great scan! Go little kitten, go!

  2. YAY! So glad your appointment was so wonderful. Congrats on having Best Week Ever after Best Week Ever.

  3. i get teary every time i hear the heartbeat too -you are right that it is the *best* sound in the world! :)

    cant wait to hear about the anatomy scan next week - so exciting!!


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