Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Energy² -- maybe energy³

I am finally back to the old Susan... Maybe even Susan 2.0!  I signed up for school yesterday, got home and cleaned the bedroom, emptied and refilled dresser drawers and closet space with things that will fit me for the next five months, and then went out to dinner.  We met Rich and Melissa afterward, and stayed out until midnight.  I may need to repeat that: I was not horizontal the second I walked in the house from work.  Hooray!!!

The kitten is also now the size of your open hand.  Crazy to me, since three months ago the kitten was the size of a poppy seed.  I'm also starting to pop out in a way that makes me look less like a donut fan and more like a pregnant woman.  And with all this energy and poppage comes a happy, more relaxed -- and more motivated -- Susan.  Even on seven hours of sleep I feel like a million bucks.  We're Will is finishing up the last details of the kitchen remodel this week and things are finally starting to look like they're falling into place. Just in time for more chaos!


  1. congrats on feeling energetic again, and for going back to school! That is awesome.

  2. glad to hear you've got some energy back, sounds like you were very productive! :)

    so...how 'bout some belly pics showing off that pop?


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