Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I haven't been updating, because I have absolutely no symptoms or signs.  Nada.  Carrie, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that the absence of all signs may be a sign.  Bravo, üb!  I am loving that logic.  I am, however, doing well at forgetting almost every thought that enters my brain.  Yesterday I forgot to grab my keys from Karen's car before she left.  Today, I forgot to grab my cards and cash.  I had to un-origami the dollar bill pig at my desk to get my morning diet coke fix.  Sad state of affairs, I tell you.  I'll try to think of something dramatic to write about later, just to keep you all involved.

Quick aside, if you aren't already watching Breaking Bad, you should be.  It's an amazing show on AMC about a high-school chemistry teacher who decides he should cook crystal meth.  I'm not giving anything away that you don't learn in the first five minutes of the pilot, but it is spectacular.  We got the first season on DVD from Will, and blew through it in two  nights.  Now we have to catch up on season two.  A fine diversion for a girl who is already counting the minutes until Thursday morning.

Update:  I am so forgetful, that I clicked past my own blog entry in my RSS reader, and saw the 'Breaking Bad' comment, and was ALL excited that someone else also loves the show.  Seriously, took a few minutes to read it, was impressed that it sounded like something I'd write.   Good God, people...  I'll be lucky if I remember my way home tonight!!!

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