Monday, April 27, 2009

in lieu of beta results...

I thought I'd update you on my hair, because hair is just so darn interesting.  My hair has stopped falling out altogether.  (we have a little hair trap on the shower drain, which I normally have to clear daily.)  If you're not familiar with this strange occurrance, elevated estrogen levels cause hair to remain on your head longer than it does for the average bear.  Not a bad side-effect!  :)

The lab apparently messed up and forgot to run my bloodwork today, so I'm just a ball of nerves all over again.  I'm sure things are fine, but the possibilities coupled with the nurse's response to my name: 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Susan' were enough to kill me.  She was only apologizing for the lab's delay, of course.  If only the baby would send little emails every few days; tell me what's  going on in her life, what she's seen in town, that sort of thing.  For now, I'll wait for the ultrasound that we should have in the next week.  *sigh.

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