Monday, April 6, 2009

third time's a charm

Today we had our third IUI appointment. The nurse asked if I had been warned about my three follicles. (Hmm? Warned? Um, no...) She said that meant that we could have triplets. As scary as that sounds, it's really hard to be realistic right now. Any positive test in twelve days and I'd be willing to make a deal with the devil, so to speak, even if that included multiples. I say this now, hoping that wishing for multiples might just 'curse' me into them.

Yeah, cause that'd be awful.

We saw Karen's G-ma on Saturday, and when K ventured to the bathroom, her grandma asked me right away if I 'had any news? Any news at all?' It was a very nice question, and a nice afternoon. We spent some time with her through the afternoon and worked on a puzzle. (See left, impressive, eh?) She asked whether we would travel to Kansas or Colorado soon. I figured she was confusing a story from Karen's past, or mixing up grandkids... Nope. She continued: 'you know, where they allow gay marriage now.' I had a hard time not smiling like a fool. I like that her grandma is so hip and cool. When we left, her grandma told me to 'get my body to cooperate already'. I think that's the push my uterus needed. Thanks, g-ma!

More to come, when we have some news. (Or when I have phantom symptoms, or when I'm obsessing as usual, or when Carrie is tired of hearing how I'm so sure this will work this time. -- Hi, Carrie!)

Have a nice week!

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