Wednesday, April 22, 2009

betas are back (again)

hCG is 163, Prog is 62.6.   She says that they usually send people for an ultrasound after the hCG hits 1,000, but she's hoping that they can send me for an early one after Saturday's beta.  (yep, another beta.)

Things are moving along as expected which is always good to hear after you have scary dreams about numbers not doubling.  Can I turn my brain off until I give birth?


  1. Good job, ovaries and kitten. Sounds like everything is perking along nicely. Worrying was, for me, the worst thing about pregnancy. Whatever you do DON'T read _What to Expect When You're Expecting__ because it should be called _What you should worry about and dread when you're expecting_.

  2. Oh--that was me. Forgot my name.



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