Friday, April 24, 2009

between appointments

I have realized that all that anxiety of the dreaded TwoWeekWait is not a precursor to horrible things for nine months-- at least not yet.  Life has gone back to almost  normal, except that I don't need to be nervous about periods starting or whether the test will be positive when I get home like it was on my lunch hour.  I'm trying out this new thing I read about called 'patience'.  I don't think I've had it before, but I'll tell you how it goes.  Basically, we go about our lives, with fewer trips to the local pubs, and time passes. 

I am reminded often that things can go wrong, though.  I read several blogs of women who are, or recently were trying to conceive, and two of the few I read have had miscarriages in the first trimester and have since stopped blogging.  I have also read that once we hear that heartbeat, our chances for miscarriage go down to 2% -- which I misread the first time as 'chance for miscarriage reduces by 2%', which I didn't think would reduce my worry much at all.  So we're biding our time for the next few weeks, informed about what could happen, but optimistic and shopping and picking baby names.  (And, I realize that last sentence just negated any pragmatic feel I was hoping to inject into this post.)

Last night, we saw This American Life LIVE!, and it was absolutely terrific.  The show we saw at the theater will be broadcast on NPR either next weekend or the following weekend, and it was unbelievably entertaining.  Ira Glass was very funny, making jokes with the audience as well as the guests.  We saw sad stories, funny stories, love stories...  My favorite might've been Joss Whedon, who showed us his songwriting skills on the piano, while talking about how people pick apart movies far too much in DVD commentaries.  All in all, a terrific show, and well worth the money spent for a night out.  And, of course, I got to have the ever-important theater popcorn. 

Tomorrow is the fourth beta test, and we should know more then. Yey!

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