Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oh, what a day

My first day of school came and went.  After usual traffic delays, I got to school in plenty of time for class, only to find a note on the door that it had relocated to a buiding I wasn't familiar with.  I drove around for a few minutes until I realized that I could find the campus map online (thanks, iPhone).  I made it to class after the requisite bathroom stop about ten minutes late, and I wasn't nearly the last one.  I am hoping that tomorrow's class stays put.  I had forgotten how much I loved high school bio.  I'm looking forward to the labs we have on Thursdays where I'll get to dissect things. 

This morning I was awake about ten minutes before our neighbor Stephanie called to let us know that my car had been broken into.  The passenger window was broken (the opposite side than was smashed last spring in a similar event) and they rifled through the glovebox and handful of things I keep in the console.  So there it all was, a box of Whitening Strips on the seat, the snack bag of Fritos on the floor, and my precious Windshield Wonder.  They didn't take anything, apparently because white teeth, heartburn and insanely clean windshields weren't on their agenda.

Stephanie and Brendan were nice enough to let me borrow their shop vac to clean the glass, and after fifteen minutes of cleaning, I was on my way with the wind in my hair.  Luckily, today is probably the nicest day we've seen in ages -- sunshine, low 60's -- I don't need no stinkin' window!  So I came to work, filed an online police report (ooh, swanky!), and made arrangements for a local glass shop to come here to work to fix the window.  I'm a little impressed with how coolly I'm taking this, since last spring I was in tears about it.  As Shane said, "Something happens today, something else will happen tomorrow." 

Life goes on. 

Speaking of life, Danny kicked me all through class last night -- enough that I'm starting to think he's having parties in there.  Watch it, kid, or you'll be grounded!

**Updated to add: Glass man is already here to fix the window...  He's been here, and the window's fixed.  I called less than two hours ago, and their price is totally reasonable. If you ever need window repair work in the Cleveland area, I recommend Guardian Auto Glass.


  1. Wow, an exciting day indeed. I'm so sorry your car was broken into, but it sounds like the best outcome - nothing stolen, cheapish repair.

    You piqued my interest with the windshield cleaner since I just spent a half hour this weekend trying to get mine clean!

  2. What a PITA! Glad all turned out ok and I'm sorry your car was broken into.

  3. Yikes! Glad the damage was minimal and nothing was taken.

    You're right up the road from us--although I can't remember the last time I was actually in Cleveland...

  4. Ugh, sorry about your car! What a pain, but I'm glad it's all taken care of.


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