Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Tuesday! (and happy 100th!)

It's rainy and yucky here, but it's also Tuesday so that somehow makes up for the weather.  We had a great weekend with the fam on vacation, where we got to see our first Labor Day Fireworks show over the lake.  The weather there was absolutely beautiful, and we got to lounge and eat, which are two of my very favorite things. 
In other, sadder news, I received most of the clothes I ordered from Old Navy and found that more than half of the stuff didn't fit...  too big -- who'd have guessed?  So I have to mail it back and decide what I'd like to try in another size.  I wish a local O.N. had a maternity department so I could just try things on in the store. 

We're in the 25th week, so only 15 to go.  He should be about two pounds now, and 13.5 inches long.  His room is the size of a soccer ball, which makes it very difficult to bend over to pick things up off the floor now.

This is also my hundredth post -- YEY! It's been incredible making new friends through this blog, and letting our families follow our progress at the same time. Thanks to all who read and all who comment, it is much appreciated. :)


  1. Happy 10th post!! Bummer about the clothes :(

  2. Congrats on your 100th post!

    I like the O.N. but have found their clothes are big. Although, I'll have to admit that it makes me feel good to get bigger but wear a size smaller than I normally would. Therefore... lots of love for O.N.

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    a bit of unsolicited advice about ON returns/exchanges: if you havent already shipped your stuff back, send it as a plain return & then just do a new order for the correct sizes. ive had several problems with them trying to do exchanges. it can take FOREVER to get your exchange procesed.

    once, they didnt have the new size, so they just cancelled the exchange without telling me. weeks and weeks passed and i finally called and they explained they didnt have my size in stock on that day, so it was cancelled. what?! no notifiction or anything. they didnt bother to ship once the size arrived, just cancelled. so aggrivating.

    ive taken to ordering clothes from them in two sizes, so i can try on at home and ship back the size that didnt fit!

  4. Happy 1ooth post! I am grateful for this community of women. That's too bad about clothes.

  5. Happy 100! It's been fun following along on your journey!


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