Tuesday, September 15, 2009

another Tuesday

Time is flying along, and it's starting to feel a little like fall here; it gets dark earlier and gives me an excuse to wear sweaters at night.  We're in the 26th week now, which means that there's only fourteen left.  HOLY CRAP that seems close.  I started to realize that my brain needs to know that we're all set, or at least all planned for, so last night we sat down and made a little checklist of things that we have left to do before Christmas...  Crib, registries, little things, choosing a pediatrician, labor classes.  Do you have any opinions about L&D education classes?  It feels like one of those things we should do, but it also seems like it has the potential to repeat all the things I've been reading so far.  Are birthing classes worth it?

We're also waffling about whether to put the condo on the market, to see if it will sell quickly.  That might be something to check off our lists before next summer if we can.  We have always planned to move East eventually, in a year or so, but we're torn.  Cons: we LOVE our neighbors and our neighborhood.  Pro: we could be much closer to our families.  Con: we can walk to swanky restaraunts and we're five minutes from the city for games and concerts.  Pro: we will have very little time for these things come December.  Con: we love the condo now that all the remodeling is finished and I have my dream kitchen / bathroom / basement.  Con: the three-floor walk-up is virtually un-baby-proofable.   I suppose these may be moot discussions, since the housing market isn't exactly booming right now. 

The kitten weighs about 2½ pounds and about 13" long.  He definitely has some typical active periods, including 7am and 11pm (of course) and Karen can now see my stomach move from his kicks when she's all the way across the room.  I read yesterday that some expecting mothers experience some pretty serious pain, caused by feet that wedge between their ribs. 

Luckily, I've had a talk with Danny and explained that this is not acceptible behavior. 


  1. We have a three floor walk up condo too and are DREADING baby proofing it. It's a simple 4 gates to cover the stairs but it will make navigating through our small home difficult!
    It looks like you have a pretty good list of pros and cons... what a tough decision!

  2. If it's not 100% apparent that you need to sell right now, it will be VERY soon. :) As soon as your little Guy starts to sit up and appear even remotely mobile, you parenting instincts will kick in and you'll realize that you don't have a choice but to protect him! Aside from the scary steps, you're right that you just won't have time for swanky restaurants and nightlife....UNLESS...you move closer to the grandparents so they can babysit! It's perfectly clear to me. :)

  3. ohh--i love sweaters and i love lists! ;)

    my 2cents on the l&d class is to skip it; at least ones run by the hospital. i didnt learn anything i didnt know. well, strike that, i didnt learn anything helpful. the new stuff was just scary. i vote for continued book reading.

  4. I vote no on the birthing class. I didn't learn anything that I hadn't read. Plus, they forgot to tell me that my labor discomfort might not feel exactly the way they described it. They described it all as abdomen tightening & pressure, I had 100% back labor. I was kinda pissed about it at the time.


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