Monday, September 21, 2009

there sure is a lot of stuff out there

I was excited when I realized we still had to finish our baby registry on Saturday.  We went to Tarjay and were given our very own (for an hour or so) scan-gun!  What I remembered as a 'few aisles of baby stuff' turned into an hour and a half of 'do you like this?  How about this one?  Will we need this?'  over and over again.  We spent a good chunk of time looking through furniture and strollers and crib sheets, oh my!  We even went to Walmart afterward to comparison shop for cribs.  That store scares me, for the record.  It's much too big to do any kind of focused shopping.  Groceries are on one side, baby stuff on the other; garbage can we needed was in the middle of the whole store, and then we needed to ask where they kept the garbage bags.  It felt like an episode of The Amazing Race, but with crappier views and loudspeakers.  We managed to make it out alive, just barely.  I spent the rest of Saturday making chili, which we'll likely eat for the next three months.  I might have made too much...

Yesterday started as a typical Sunday, with Karen heading out for a round of golf with Dad, Mike and Mickey...  until she called an hour later to say she pulled her back and was heading home.  She managed to plop herself on the couch and hasn't really moved since.  It doesn't look comfortable at all, and she's a much more patient patient than I would be. 
We're in week 27, which means we've just started our third trimester!*  He weighs about 2½ pounds, and should be about fifteen inches long.  He can now open and close his eyes, and will likely jump in response to sharp sounds.  He's definitely getting stronger every day, and it's fun to see him push my stomach out like something from Aliens.  I can't wait to meet this little guy...

*I remember speculating how different things would seem once fall hit, thinking I'd feel so much more mature and maternal, cartoon birds hovering as I walk, a skip in my step.  Silly rabbit, it's more of a waddle.  And rather than feeling all glowy, I tend to just want more naps.


  1. Congrats on tackling that registry! It is really overwhelming, isn't it? Must feel good to have it done.

    Hope Karen feels better soon!

  2. congrats on hitting the 3rd trimester mark! :)

    hope karen feels better soon, sounds like a miserable injury.

  3. Creating a registry is crazy fun. We did ours at BRU and have been updating it online constantly. Hopefully no one has read it yet because stuff keeps changing!

  4. Ah the registry. Fun and overwhleming at the same time :) The good thing about feeling run down in the third trimester is that the end is in sight!

  5. Those scan guns are so fun, aren't they? I feel you about Wal-Mart--it gives me the hives.
    Hope Karen is feeling better!

  6. Hey there...if you want a free pump, I've got one. I was gonna text you, but thought that was kinda weird. Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff if you want it, but I remember people offering their stuff when all I wanted was my own NEW stuff so just let me know.

    Also, while talking registries, know that I agree with you that a baby bath is an essential, however, I'm on Karen's side of the aisle when it comes to the baby bath thermometer alarm. Really? An alarm??? If you can't tell the water is too hot to put your baby in, perhaps parenthood is going to be a bigger challenge than you think. Have fun in the last trimester!



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