Monday, August 31, 2009

it's been a week? dang!

The past week has been a blur, but that's just blogger-speak for 'I haven't written'.  After my birthday off, I had some stomach bug and sat on the couch for a few days unhealthily.  After a little recoup time, we went to dinner with fam, went to Mickey's birthday party, and then had the first bonfire of the season with our neighbors.  I spent all day Sunday studying, and still have several hours tonight before I'll be done --gotta love accelerated programs.  So far, I'm learning all about cells: what their pieces-parts are called, what they all do, how they create food, etc.  I know I learned this in high school biology, and again in college Anatomy and Physiology, but clearly that info has been deleted ages ago.  It's very cool to be able to take notes on a laptop, though.  I type much more quickly than I handwrite, and it's easy to edit and make look all swanky. 

I also have been shopping for fall clothes, thanks to some birthday money from the fams.  If you're looking for maternity-wear, I highly recommend Old Navy.  They have a sale, free shipping for a few weeks, and some really cute styles.  A pair of jeans, sweaters and hoodies, mix & match tops, and a pair of cords.  I even ordered some scarves.  Who am I?

In week 24, Danny is about 12­½ inches long, and about a pound and a half.  He's going to gain half a pound in the next two weeks, so he's in the middle of a bit of a growth spurt.  He will join us in 16 short weeks.  Hard to believe! 

AND - we have another vacation coming up this weekend.  Heading back to Atwood Lake for a few days over the long weekend.  YEY!

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  1. Old Navy is pretty decent right up until the 6-7 month mark, at which point I found that the belly panel hit in a bit of an awkward spot on my tummy, and while I am still comfortable in them my little boy spends most of his day straining and kicking against the band where it is tightest. A good reminder that as uncomfortable as I am it's not exactly a luxury suit in there either. I hope you have better luck with them!


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