Tuesday, August 11, 2009

registering for luxury items

We registered for a handful of basic items last night, mostly necessities with a few fun things added in.  I walked Karen through the choices I'd signed up for without her, and we got to the newborn-to-toddler tub.   I mentioned that it's a necessity, and how it allows us to bathe him in the tub or in the sink, and showed off the little hammock slingy thing.  She just smirked at me, and said that it's a 'luxury item' and how it's likely 'unnecessary'.  She began to tell me that people have been bathing billions of babies, likely without this item. 

I then decided that she'll be giving Daniel several baths without the infant tub, just to prove to me how easy it will be.


  1. Um, yeah...necessity. It would be a pain to try to bathe Miles without his tub...which he LOVES. Makes bathtime completely peaceful for all of us.

  2. ive shamelessly surrendered to the luxury items, fully aware i may not end up needing/using them!
    the bath seems pretty necessary though, unless you are willing to climb in the tub every time junior needs a bath...course maybe im just trying to justify owning one myself! ;)

  3. I took care of my Goddaughter many a time when she was an infant. The tub is a total necessity!


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