Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the kid can kick...

For the few weeks since I started feeling movement, Karen's been putting her hand on my belly.  So far, neither of us have felt anything from the outside, but that all changed last night.  Lounging after dinner, I noticed that he was pretty active.  Karen reached her hand out and BAM - he kicked us both -- hard!  It was probably the strongest kick I've felt, and the fact that she got to feel it too made it pretty cool.  The look on her face wasn't bad either.

Since we found out that he's a boy, everything's felt much more real.  From registering for big items to looking at Threadless onesies, I can't help but imagine him doing all sorts of little boy things.  I wonder if he'll kiss someone in kindergarten and get in trouble like I did.  I wonder if he'll be into sports or reading or both.  I think about how he'll smell.  I wonder what he'll be wearing the first time he smiles at us.
Also, I'd like to thank you all for your comments on baby tubs and wipe warmers and the like. I think I have beaten her into submission covinced her that we should try out lots of items to decide what we will need. 


  1. those onesies are too cute! :)

    congrats on feeling the baby move from the outside, isn't it the most surreal thing?

  2. Yay for boys!

    I'm catching up on my blog reading so I have to add this... skip the wipes warmer, it just dries them out faster. Skip the baby tub, line the kitchen sink with towels. Try on several baby slings WITH a baby in them. Borrow someone's kid and practice taking them in and out and walking around.

    Oh and my oldest smelled like maple syrup (the smell wore off when he was around five. I cried). My youngest smells like my Nanny's sourdough rolls, all fresh & bready. I might stay in bed for a few days when he starts to smell like a regular kid.

  3. Wow, I love threadless but I haven't explored their onsies yet! How adorable!

    That's great you both felt the first kick strong enough to feel on the outside!

  4. I'm loving the onesies!

    That's awesome that you both get to enjoy feeling the baby, how sweet!

  5. Isn't that the best? It took a few weeks after my wife first started feeling movement for me to be able to feel our little guy from the outside, too, but it was so awesome. Then there was one night not too long after that we were in bed spooning and he kicked me in the butt! Hard! It was so funny and out of nowhere, we both just cracked up.

  6. Threadless! Yes! I forgot to check that out! Thanks for the reminder. :)

    Cool with the kick. My doc said feeling it stronger or on the outside has something to do with where the placenta is placed, how thick your muscles are in the abdominal wall, how small you are etc etc.

  7. That outside kick is the coolest feeling!


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