Monday, August 24, 2009

we could pin 'em!

We had some friends over this weekend -- we played games, we ate, and we laughed a lot. Mixed in this group was our friend's four-year old son. He might be the most grown-up four-year old I've met. He was not shy at all, and talked to each of us like he's known us for ages. We enjoyed Play-doh, learned that the best game EVER was to ring an old-fashioned bell, and watched as he was fascinated with our cats. At one point, we went on a cat search, finding them as they hid from him napped. We found Phoebe on the bed, and Moxy on the bathroom windowsill. Eric said that we should put them side by side on the bed, so they were all in the same spot. I mentioned that they weren't really fond of sitting together and warned that they might jump down.

He used a very optimistic, matter-of-fact tone when he said, "We could pin 'em!"


On the kitten front, he's been really, really active. Last night, I read about our weekly progress in What To Expect, and he kicked the book on my belly, enough that I lost my place. It was a little challenging to read while laughing, but I tried. I can't believe we've made it into our 22nd week... it really seems like just yesterday, we were talking with our new doctor about what our first steps would be. My, how things change.


  1. Gotta love feeling that movement (even if it does interfere with your reading) :)

  2. I've been lurking for a while and just thought I'd say hi! I'm just about at 22 weeks myself! That's so amazing that you are feeling such strong kicks already. That gave me a good laugh. We've been hoping to feel our little one on the outside but nothing yet!

  3. Happy Birthday, Susan!

  4. Kids are so funny and so much smarter that we think they are.

    Enjoy the acrobatics!


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