Friday, February 27, 2009

New Banner Day

Hello, everyone!  We're on cd4 of M2 month two (it's difficult not to invent my own acronyms here.)  I should preface this post by mentioning that I'm on my second diet coke of the morning.  I haven't had this much caffeine in my bod in a few weeks, and  -- WOW -- caffeine gives you a jolt when you're not accustomed to drinking fifteen of them daily!  Okay, Susan.  Bring it down a notch...  Tomorrow we start round two of Clomid, which means our next IUI will likely be Monday, March 9th.  It sure seems like time flies by for the first half the month, but crawls for the second half.

Yesterday, I got an email from a dedicated reader (Hi, Kate!) who said that I'm taking this whole thing in stride; she said, 'You sound remarkably sane and realistic as you move into month #2.'  I have been repeating this sentence to Karen hourly since I read it, because she knows the truth:  For the first twelve hours of this cycle, I was a mopey and unhappy and just generally unfun to be around.  I like to think that I've matured since Tuesday then, but when I'm feeling immature, I look at the calendar and realize that we're about a week shy of our next ultrasound.  I remember that other things happen in life than trying to conceive.  I remember this because it is only month two, and at the rate I was obsessing, I'd be crazy by mid-March.

You also may notice our new banner!  (Yey, new banner!)  Karen began drawing a little dry-erase calendar on day one last cycle, and every day I took clomid, she added little baby heads around her famous kitty faces.  We'd change the cycle day every morning, and that became a piece of our routine.  Now we still have that drawing, and we figured that it would make a good little welcome mat.  She brought it into Photoshop and worked on it for about half an hour last night (the girl has skills in that program, btw) and before long it no longer looked like a dry-erase fridge decoration.  I we did notice a few things:

Baby number one looks like an cranky old man
Before she added the pink bow, no babies looked like girls
Baby number two looks like he lifts weights
Muffin has her signature 'who's trying to get me' face on
She used actual pictures of Muffin, Phoebe and Moxy for the fur
I think they look a little bit like they have antennas, and are climbing over the kitties to eat our flesh really interesting!

And, to prove that not everything here is made up, an actual picture of the fridge:
Have a nice weekend, everybody!
Update: My acronym disorder comes from reading too many TTC blogs -- just yesterday I learned that DH does not mean Designated Hitter, but dear husband.  Who knew?

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