Thursday, February 12, 2009

the lion sleeps tonight, but apparently I don't

Ever since I started taking Clomid, I have been sleeping better than I have ever slept.   I've been falling asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow, and not even waking up for my 4am bathroom breaks as often.  I used to stay awake if the cats woke me, and toss and turn for an hour, but not for the past week -- I have learned what it's like to sleep like a log. 
And, of course, all that changed last night. 
We were told to inject the Ovidrel at 9pm, and of course by 8:30 I was a clockwatcher.  Everything went smoothly, but I felt a little stiff for the next few hours.  (I never figured that my neck would hurt from a shot.)  Everything was fine, of course, and we went to bed at the normal hour, and I fell asleep just as quickly as I had expected.  And woke up around 1am.  And 2:30am.  Then, at 3:30am, my right eye was bothering me.  By 4am I had to go to the bathroom.  Fast forward through a few tossy-turney hours, and it was 6:30 and almost time to get up.  I am optimistic that it was just a rush of hormones from the shot, and not a new (or recurring) pattern in my sleep.
Hormones are funny things.  I love the mood booster, but I could do without the headaches and the heartburn.  I am also so excited, I have to restrain myself from telling everyone I pass in the hallway about why we're taking tomorrow off.  It will be an interesting few weeks of me assuming that I'm pregnant, and that everything is some symptom of that upcoming positive test.  (Which, by the way, we'll be taking on February 27th, the second I wake up.)

More to come...

update: I am now walking around singing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' with the wim-o-ways and everything.  Oh, earworms, you are such fun. 

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