Sunday, February 15, 2009

everything is a sign

We went in for the IUI on Friday morning, and I haven't been able to concentrate since. A woman in line behind me at Target said that 'pregnancy makes some women so beautiful' about a model on a magazine cover. No one has ever made a comment about pregnancy -- It's a sign! I have been sleeping a lot. I've been very sensitive to smells. My breasts have been very tender. All normal side effects of the hormones I've been taking, but also normal signs of early pregnancy. (I should be banned from reading any more 'What To Expect' type books or magazines.) We are officially in the Two Week Waiting period. We can test on February 28th. Until then, I'll likely be a basket case.

Oh, and I've given up caffeine. The plan is that I will continue to drink it when we go out to eat, but all other times, I'm decaffeinated. I had some horrible headaches on Friday, but today I haven't had any (and, those could've been hormone-induced.) More to come...

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