Thursday, March 12, 2009

I need some sunshine

Hello, all.  We're on cd17, things are on course and working as expected.  I am noticing the moodiness I was told to expect quite a bit more this month, and looping on things more often than I normally would.  A friend of mine from grade school told me last weekend that we didn't get along, and I can't stop thinking 'was I mean to her?  Was I one of those people I wouldn't like?'  Yeah...  I don't like to fall into the 'since I'm taking hormones, I have an excuse to be a crazy person' club, but I'm trying to be extra normal, and it's kind of not working.  It is fleeting, and I'm still a happy-go-lucky girl, but there are moments when I'm not quite myself.  So I apologize yet again.  :)

On the kitten front, I had some strange chest pains yesterday, that (of course) I figured meant I was pregnant.  Apparently, no matter how often you tell yourself that you won't obsess, you still do.  Go figure...
I read a blogger yesterday who has a daughter named Fable.  While I don't want to steal a name I read about, I have decided to think of common words that would make nice names...  I am a traditional name girl, (being named Susan will do that to you,) but that isn't stopping me from playing.  What words do you think should be considered?


  1. Just checking up on you. How about "apostrophe" for a name?

    Chest pains, huh? I had weird breast pain a couple of days after the ICI that resulted in Jonah--very distinctive zinging sensations not felt before or since.

    Hang in there.


  2. I like apostrophe... I could call her ophie.

    Now, I'll have to add 'strange breast zinging' to my list of symptoms to be on the lookout for. Thanks! :)

  3. I still like Echo!

  4. How about Sunshine. Always liked that for a middle name.

  5. I like it -- I seem to remember someone was going to use it...


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