Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am not the most patient person

Last night watching America's Next Top Model Nova, I took a bathroom break and briefly thought about taking a home pregnancy test.  At the moment I emerged from the bathroom with the box in my hand, to allow Karen to rate the crazy (of course) a commercial was playing for home pregnancy tests.  We both had a coincidence moment that some of us try to find meaning in.  And then something strange happened - I read the side of the box, weighed my options, tried to temper my excitement, and decided to WAIT.  I figure if nothing else, this bizarre behavior is a sure sign that something is going on.  Sure, it's possible that I didn't want to see a negative result before I could reasonably expect the test to work properly.   I choose to point at the maturity.  Play along, please.

I also realized something exciting yesterday -- I can create a birth mix tape.  This sounds trivial, but I assure you that a musicked susan is a happy susan, and somehow I had forgotten that you can probably bring tunes with you to the hospital.  So I'll have to spend t he next nine months or so figuring out what I'll like to hear.

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