Monday, October 12, 2009

week 30

Ever since we found out we were pregnant, I've been looking forward to our hospital's labor & delivery tour, and I'm not exactly sure why... Maybe because it helps me visualize what it'll be like the day we meet our boy, or maybe it's because that meant that we'd be so far along. I figured it would be a sunny fall day with lots of orange leaves and fall temperatures, which I was not mistaken about. I started my day with a spring in my step, heading to the only somewhat-local Old Navy that has a maternity department, for some new tops. I learned a lot about how online returns don't work, but was able to buy some layering pieces so that my ever-growing belly doesn't peek out from below all my shirts.  (Quick lesson learned this week: just because you start out your pregnancy with shirts that you're sure will be WAY TOO BIG all through your pregnancy, maybe you should listen to all the people who tell you in that 'been there' tone that...  huh...  yeah...  that's never going to happen, and you'll outgrow everything you buy.)  We then headed to the hospital a little early so we could pick up lunch along the way, and arrived in plenty of time to make it to the tour.  What we hadn't considered is that I didn't show the hospital map to Karen, and we were navigating using my map skills.  (♫ Dun dun DUN! ♪)  We eventually made it to where we were supposed to be after a few detours and only managed to miss the first five minutes of the lecture portion.  Way to go, Suze. 

We learned that there are cameras allowed up until the birth and then immediately after, which is fine with me.  I would like to point out here that I reserve veto rights regarding all video and pictures of myself from that day, and am glad that I won't have to worry about any actual-birth-photos.  We learned about pre-registering and saw the rooms that we'll deliver in.  We also saw the post-partum rooms, which I was a little surprised to learn, were not as lavish or as large as I had vividly imagined.  But all in all, it was pretty much how I'd thought it would be.  (The one surprise: there's a 'room service' menu, that you can order from whenever you'd like.  Nicer than the typical hospital rounds of jello and chicken broth I had imagined.) 

After our tour, we made homemade pot pies with our neighbor, Stephanie, and basically lounged the night away.  Sadly, Monday morning came much sooner than I thought it would, as is often the case after a busy weekend.  Oh well, we're in the thirtieth week now, which means that the babe is about the size of a squash. 

I can say he's at least that big, since he is residing on my bladder.


  1. Glad the hospital tour went well! Happy 30 weeks :)

  2. Sounds like a very nice labor and delivery area! Room service menu- who woulda thought?

    Very very funny about the right to approve pictures- my wife has that policy implemented 24/7 anyway.

    Ooooh- pot pies are the best- what veggies do you include?

  3. We made an earthy pot pie, with mushrooms, carrots, peas and artichoke hearts. It was delicious, and not a recipe I'd ever have thought of on my own. My neighbor is quite the adventurous cook, and it always works out to her advantage. (And ours.) :)

  4. i've had the same problem with maternity clothes - stuff i never thought i would fill out is too small now! seems insane to buy stuff this close to the end though, so the stuff that does fit is on a short rotation! :)

    sounds like the tour went well, once you found where you were supposed to be! the room service menu is deluxe!

    happy 30 weeks! you are so close now!!

  5. Glad you found where you needed to be and that the hospital tour went well. Yay for your little pumpkin--he's so seasonal. Wasn't he tropical fruit-sized in the summer?

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