Thursday, October 29, 2009

57 days, and a few sonogram pics

The first one is his skull, which looks less than round to me.  Karen, of course, is sure that I'm a complete wacko and googled the shape of human skulls to show me pictures.  She is one patient woman. 

He is facing the upper left corner of the picture, for those of you like me who are struggling to see things now.  It was a little easier when his whole body fit into the frame at once.
The second picture is his foot touching the top of his head, which just makes him look all bendy.  The acrobatic moves I've been feeling are apparently for a reason. 
This one looks like a hookah to me, but I'm pretty sure that's unlikely.  This is probably rated NC-17, but I can't see anything for the life of me. 

:)  57 days left!


  1. His head does look a little pointy, but I'm sure that will smooth out. ;) I can't figure out that last one either! I love them!

  2. Great pics! Trust me, if you want that baby to get out without killing you, you want its skull to be nice and soft and malleable :)

  3. HA! This post is awesome. great pics.
    Seriously, what IS that last one? Does he have a microscope in there?

  4. The doctor was trying to show us how the third picture is his privates, and labeled it 'It's a BOY!'. but I still can't see anything remotely private... :)

  5. He is going to have some VERY kissable lips!!

  6. omg, his profile is too adorable!!

    im going with hookah on the last one too. you and i are in for trouble apparently - ever since my doc told me that our babe is "high and floating" i cant shake the fear im birthing a pothead! ;~)

  7. I love that he's doing yoga in the womb apparently! In the first one, I could swear that is his little hand scratching his forehead just above his nose - do you reckon?

    He's lovely!! (but I still have no idea what that third picture is of - love that you posted it anyway! Uterine furniture maybe...)

  8. Awesome! There were a bunch of ours that I had to turn every which way to try and figure out what they were. Some of them I still haven't figured out!

  9. The foot touching the top of the head is awesome. And I see the hookah too! haha.

    And yes.. pregnancy shirts suck b/c you grow out of them every couple of weeks. Grrrrr. AND they all have to be made so damn THIN that you can see through them. WHYYYY??? Isn't that a TEEN trend?? Not good for pg ladies, I tell ya.

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