Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That's still a big kitten!

Yesterday's appointment went just fine, save the fact that we waited for over two hours to be seen. The doctor placed the ultrasound wand onto my stomach and almost immediately pulled it off and asked, 'Do you know the sex?' Apparently, our boy is very proud of his anatomy, and surprised even the doctor with his immodesty. The kitten is doing well, he's head down and all looks good. He currently weighs 4lbs, 9oz, and that puts him in the 86th percentile -- he's still bigger than 86% of babies his age. Sonograms to come... I didn't grab a picture of them last night. On a few of the pictures, his foot is up by his head. I could just eat him up already, and I haven't even met him yet.

We sat in the main waiting room with a family waiting for their own baby to be born: Grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles all excited and anxious. After half an hour or so, the dad came downstairs to announce the birth of their baby boy, and everyone shouted and jumped for joy... I might have cried a bit, (read: cried quite a bit) even though I don't know them at all. I just imagined Karen walking into the same scene, with news of our baby boy. Welcome to my world.

Another week until my next OB appointment... we're crawling to the finish line, but these little glimpses make it easier to wait. Strangers ask what I'm having, and say things like 'You must be due any day now, huh?' Nope, just under two months left now. 'Oh, you'll never go that long... He'll be early.'

Whatever you say! We wouldn't mind meeting him anytime after 37 weeks. :)


  1. oohhh, i cant wait to see the pics! funny to hear he is showing off his anatomy! :)

    when we were on our hospital tour, a new dad came out to announce his son's birth. the entire group of pregnant women on the tour teared up!

  2. We had one appointment that we showed up for, only to have them reschedule after we'd been waiting for at least an hour because the OB got called away for a delivery. We couldn't be too upset about that one. :-)

    I would have cried, too, about the announcement. We have the opposite, though, with the belly. People don't believe my wife is as far along as she is!

  3. How fun to witness that moment! Your pictures sound super cute. Can't wait to see them.

  4. I get that "early" thing all the time, and it's really annoying. I think many people just can't judge a pregnancy progression after about 6 mos. Then it just looks, "big" to them. And when they see you at the very end? Then you just look impossibly huge and must be way overdue. It's bothersome.

    I get weepy at that stuff too. Never fear. :) And I want to kiss my baby's belly so badly I can hardly stand it. Now that I'm feeling body parts sticking out of my belly, I just want to smooch them. Too bad I'm not that bendy. ;-)


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