Monday, November 30, 2009

Okay, slacker...

You've been on the couch / stuck in the house on bedrest for two weeks, and we've only gotten two posts?  Slacker!  What I did realize is that there's not a whole lot to write about with no one around all day.  I've watched a hundred movies, (Don't bother with 'Knowing' -- worst of the bunch) read four books, taken a billion naps and now I just count down how many days until we meet Danny. 

Last appointment, my blood pressure was down (phew) which I figured meant that I would be released, when in fact Karen's prediction of 'The bedrest is working, keep it up' was correct.  My doctor also said that we'll likely induce in the 39th week, so that means we're looking at the week before Christmas.  Nothing like cutting a whole week off an already short, four-week countdown.  It's starting to sink in now that we'll have him home soon.  The crib is up, the clothes and blankets and sheets (oh, my) are all washed, and we have everything we should need for his arrival and the week or two after as we adjust.  So excited!  Moxy and Phoebe have begun to think that this is their new play area, which is funny since they didn't bother with it once until we put the new sheets in. 

Thanksgiving was very nice in KarenSusanLand.  We visited my family on Thursday and Karen's on Friday, and came away with enough leftovers to eat all weekend.  I even made turkey noodle soup yesterday -- I really miss our cooking Sundays, but I might've overdone it a little, because my back was killing me by 6pm.  I won't be surprised if my recent lack of weight gain is no longer lacking after all that food.   

I've been watching baby shows on Discovery Health for weeks, and here and there Karen watches with me.  Saturday, we were folding clothes and watching a typical episode where the father was helping deliver the baby.  I asked if she would be interested in being that hands-on, and she said it depends on whether she can get past the blood and guts of it all.  I paused the TV and said (innocently) that you have to look past it, and not think of it as blood or guts.  She tentatively agreed, and we unpaused...  That very moment, the baby onscreen was born, and it was the most graphic birth I think I've ever seen.  Amniotic fluid and blood and all nine pounds of baby were placed on the mother's stomach, and we both LOST IT.  I haven't laughed that hard in ages, and I don't think it did much to help convince Karen that she wants to help deliver Danny.  :)

More to come...


  1. Wow.. I just have to say that I LOVE the exposed beam ceiling in your room. Beautiful!!! So jealous!!

    Sorry to hear you're stuck on bed rest... I can imagine that would be very boring. At least you can get lots and lots of rest before all hell breaks loose - I guess I'm not supposed to say that about our LO's coming, right? LOL Sorry... I'm just being realistic.
    I'm with you on feeling the 4 week countdown. Time is flying by so quickly!!

  2. Awww, your nursery is beautiful! I hope your bed rest goes quickly and peacefully for you!

  3. Sounds like you're all set and ready to go. The baby's room looks fantastic! Good luck with the remainder of your bedrest--hope it's not too much longer.


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