Thursday, June 11, 2009

a LEMON, ladies and gentlemen

Since all the websites and email generators compare the fetus with fruit, imagine my delight to learn that Hazel / Daniel is now the size of a lemon!!!  Now that's big!  My uterus is also the size of a softball, and I have the belly to prove it.  I'll post some obligatory belly shots as soon as I get over my vanity and admit that this probably isn't just bloating anymore.

Also, it seems to be the time of constant bathroom trips again -- happened in the very beginning and it's happening again.  From what I read (and read, and read) this is because the uterus is cramped and growing out of my pelvis, which also may explain the pot belly. 

Five days until our ultrasound, and ten days until vacation.  Twelve days until our next OB appointment, where she's tentatively promised that we will hear the heartbeat using a doppler. Everything is now a countdown, I'm learning.  197 days until Christmas and D-date, which is only 28 weeks away.  Time is flying and crawling at the same time.

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