Friday, June 5, 2009

feeling a little more relaxed

After the last entry, the spotting returned, and was heavier than before.  I had the obligatory freak out, called Karen and mom crying, and made an appointment for an ultrasound.  When they squeeze you into the imaging department, there's a likely wait, and they even told me to bring a book.  I didn't even really mind the two-hour wait, since mom and dad kept me company.  The scan showed that all is well, we got a new picture of the kitten (whose head is now about half the size of her body -- crazy) and the doctor told us that spotting is common, and that we were the third person that day to come in with that concern.  She also said that my baby had the best outlook of all three, a strong heartbeat at 178bpm, and he was even waving at us -- much like the animation to the right.  I'll post the sonogram when I get home. 

I used to tease Karen about how I desperately wanted hot dogs and feta cheese.  I figured we were being overly cautious.  After this week, I no longer joke.  I'm just happy that everything is going well, and I can wait until January for a hot dog.

Oh, and they updated my due date.  I am now due on Christmas day.


  1. Great news. I've been thinking about you.

    Auntie em.

  2. Glad you got an ultrasound and found out that all is well. N had several spotting episodes when pregnant with E and I and, try as we might, we never found the whole "don't worry" thing very reassuring even though we knew, rationally, that we shouldn't worry.

    You're probably a lot saner than we were, but we finally indulged ourselves by renting a fetal doppler ( thingy so we could hear the heartbeats at home.

    A Christmas due date sounds perfect!


  3. 'he was even waving at us ' HE HE HE?? I am happy to hear that all is well! What a great Christmas present!!


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