Tuesday, May 19, 2009

that's sick... just sick!

After breakfast yesterday, my stomach felt a little strange.  Nothing horrible, but not normal.  It reminded me of the incident the other day when we were in the car for a five minute drive and I felt very nauseous.  I also figured this was what I get for announcing that I'm not feeling any morning sickness whatsoever.  But yesterday seemed a little more like the flu.  I was sick to my stomach before I got in the car for work, and again a few hours later.  I felt icky most of the day, and stayed on the couch until Karen came home from work. 

So, why is my crazy brain worried that things aren't going well?  It's been eleven days since we heard the heartbeat, and were told that we're 98% sure to carry to term, but still I worry.  I'm not visiting the bathroom as often, and in my mind this is cause for concern.  Sure, I still wake up at least once a night to go to the bathroom, but still...  there is no place for logic here, people.  I haven't been falling-over-tired like I was at first, so I worry.  I read too many symptoms of problems in the wonderful 'What To Expect' emails, and I worry.  I hope this phase passes soon so I can go back to just being excited.

But I do have my first real OB appt on Thurdsday.  I'm hoping for a real big-girl ultrasound.  :)  See, it's not all pessimism;  just partly cloudy.


  1. This sounds so familiar. I think the worrying is actually a pregnancy symptom, so tell yourself you should find it reassuring! I think it's also the first step of becoming a parent. The good thing is that at least when you worry about your kids you can actually see them in real time!


  2. QUIT READING BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Diana, I think you've been talking to my mother. Ruthanne, does 'quit reading' sound familiar? :)

    Thanks, Kate. I'm looking forward to the appt tomorrow to put my mind at ease, but something tells me it won't be at ease for another thirty or forty years. :)


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